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Ah, a phone repair shop, right?

Well, actually, it’s a Walk-In Surgery at London Bridge, plus an appointment-based clinic at Liverpool Street & another one coming soon at Canary Wharf. Oh, and we also have a Paramedic Repair service and a postal/courier repair service.

Wait, what’s a Paramedic Repair?

It’s when you don’t come to us, but we come to you. One of our “paramedics” will carry out a repair at your home or office (socially distanced of-course).

Well, what do you fix then?

Phones, laptops & tablets across a wide range of manufacturers. So it’s not just your iPhones & Samsung Galaxy phones, we also fix iPads, Huawei Tablets & phones, Samsung tablets, Dell Laptops, OnePlus phones, Toshiba laptops, Amazon Kindle tablets, Xiaomi, Sony, Oppo, Blackberry, LG, HTC, Motorola, Nokia (yup, still) phones, Macbooks, Asus tablets and laptops, Acer and so many more…

So just broken screens then, or anything else?

Broken screens account for around 60% of our repairs, but there’s also battery replacements, charging port repairs, antenna faults, software issues, audio repairs, motherboard repairs, data recovery, liquid damaged devices

Liquid Damage, eh?

Yup, believe us, we’ve seen it all; water, wine, milkshake, olive oil, hot chocolate, even pee damage (and worse). You think of it, we’ve seen it!

You can fix all of that?

Not always, some phones are too badly damaged and we’re not magicians. But with the skill set in our team, there’s a good chance that if we can’t fix it, nobody else can.

OK, but if you can’t fix a device, do we still pay?!

No. With our no-fix, no-fee guarantee if we can’t successfully complete your repair, there’s nothing to pay. Plus we don’t charge to diagnose so you’re in complete control.

And how long do these repairs take?

Different for each scenario, but most common screen & battery repairs can be completed in under an hour. Our record time for an iPhone 6S battery repair is under 4 minutes (including testing). That’s quicker than we can eat a packet of Jaffa Cakes!

With all our repairs, whilst we want to fix your device as quickly as possible, our priority is to get the repair right first.

Is there a warranty with these repairs?

Yeah, by default, our repairs have a 12-month warranty, unless otherwise advised. Some Original & Service Pack Screen Repairs will have a lifetime warranty for any technical faults (just don’t break it again). Battery replacements & certain other repairs will have a 3-month warranty.

Hang on, are you an official service centre?

Quite deliberately not! We learnt very early on, that we can’t trust manufacturers and networks. They don’t really care about looking out for you, it’s just profits and numbers and we don’t want be part of their cynical cartel.

Sure, we’re running a business and we want to make money out of you, but it’s important for us to be fair and that’s why we’re proudly independent. It means we don’t have to follow a manufacturer handbook or buy parts only from limited official sources and let’s us be creative in how we approach repairs. This means we put your interests before manufacturers profits and that’s why we’ll never compromise on our independence.

Why does my device tell me you're not using a genuine part after the repair?

We’re deliberately independent! This means that we’re not part of any manufacturer accreditation programmes and so don’t buy our parts directly from Apple, Samsung or Huawei etc. This doesn’t prevent us from buying original Service Pack parts or from refurbishing original displays in-house, which is what we do for the majority of the Apple screens we use.

However, in a bid to monopolise repairs, some manufacturers (especially Apple) will not recognise independent 3rd party service centres. As a result, some devices will display messages advising that parts cannot be confirmed as genuine. This will be the same if using original or generic parts.

As an example, if we took an original display from an iPhone 11 Pro and placed it on another iPhone 11 Pro, an error message would advise that the part cannot be confirmed as genuine; this is because the part number does not match the corresponding entry on Apple’s database. This is designed to restrict your ability to repair your phone. To learn more on this, please search more about the Right to Repair movement or see this great video from Marcus Brownlee.

Why are you asking for my device password?

Because we want to laugh at your pictures! (If only we had the time).

We appreciate why giving us access to your device might make some of our patients uncomfortable, but without it, we’re unable to fully test during the repair process.

To give an example, we may have a OnePlus device for a screen repair and before the repair, everything else seems to be working fine. However, during the repair process, it may be that a speaker fault manifests itself which we need to compensate for.

Of course, if you don’t wish to give your passcode, we’ll still try to undertake the repair, but it means that we won’t be able to test fully and also that we may need to modify later for any undetected faults.

Rest assured, your data is fully protected by our GDPR obligations and we’re not going to go all Matt Hancock on you and try and secretly sell it to the highest bidder!

Wait, will you wipe my data?

We won’t wipe your data unless absolutely necessary and not without your prior consent. For the majority of our hardware repairs, data is not impacted. Only for specific firmware and baseband repairs do we need to wipe data and we always advise of the need to do this beforehand, to give an opportunity to backup beforehand.

If your device is not powering on or the firmware has crashed, it’s likely that your data has already been lost; in this scenario, we’ll advise accordingly. Please feel free to ask our Patient Care Team if you need to know more.